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Broadcast Points

Coverage Area: 80% on the European Side of Istanbul, 30% on the Asian Side of Istanbul

With over 4000 access points and 160+ public wireless access points, MooWifi keeps you connected around the world. Need to find a mobile wifi hotspot near you?

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Subscribe to MooWifi for Seamless and Secure Wi-Fi

Simplify guest Wi-Fi connections with MooWifi subscription. No need to find a Wi-Fi network, use an app to connect, or enter your username and password on the login screen. Just go to a Passpoint-certified location, and bam! Your device connects automatically. Registering for Passpoint takes only a few seconds, and there is no extra charge. Set it up now and save more time!

  • Secure, Encrypted Connections
  • Fastest Available Wi-Fi Speeds
  • Approximately 160 Locations & Growing

Applications (Coming Soon)

One-Click Wi-Fi Access

Download the MooWifi Wi-Finder app to your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, and connect to over a million active hotspots with just one click! This powerful app simplifies the login process, helping you connect to airports, hotels, convention centers, stadiums, shopping malls, and more!

Automatic secure connections at over 160 broadcast points? Enable MooWifi Passpoint on your Mac, Windows 10, Android, or iOS device today.

new locations globe


MooWifi Wi-Finder for iOS

Download MooWifi Wi-Finder on your iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone to easily access free and paid Wi-Fi location maps, receive hotspot notifications, and have one-touch access to MooWifi Hotspots. You can also conveniently access a user-friendly data usage tool.


MooWifi Wi-Finder for Android

Download MooWifi Wi-Finder on your Android device and enjoy the convenience of hotspot notifications, free and paid Wi-Fi location maps, automatic connection to free internet points, and easy one-touch access to MooWifi Hotspots.


MooWifi Wi-Finder for Mac

Download MooWifi Wi-Finder for your Mac and enjoy hotspot notifications, automatic connection to free hotspots, and easy one-click access to MooWifi Hotspots on the hotspot location maps.


MooWifi Wi-Finder for Windows

Download MooWifi Wi-Finder to your computer and discover thousands of free hotspots and MooWifi locations worldwide. Even better - the app automatically connects you to free hotspots, making it easy to stay online.

Moowifi: A local initiative providing free internet for venues, offering end users the opportunity for free internet usage through sponsored advertisements.


24/7 Support, Every Day of the Year


To provide you with convenience, we offer customer service and technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year - via phone, email, chat, Facebook, and Twitter.


24/7 Support, Every Day of the Year

Manage Your Account

Visit My Account to get receipts, update billing information, view usage, and more.

Phone Support

Our Customer Service team is available 24/7/365 at +90 530 393 2190 - +90 532 472 4041. Or use MooWifi's international toll-free phone number outside the U.S.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out MooWifi Support for frequently asked questions about MooWifi.

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